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Novelty, Practical and fun Keyrings from The Keyring Store

Lego Keyrings

Lego Keyrings
Lego character keyrings including Darth Vader from the new Lego Star Wars Movie!

Lego Keyrings


Games Keyrings

Games Keyrings
Miniature Games keyrings including Twister, Connect Four and Operation!

Games Keyrings


Gadget Keyrings

Gadget Keyrings
Miniature gadget keyrings including Stylophone keyring, remote control and calculator keyrings!

Gadget Keyrings


Traffic Cone keyring

Novelty Keyrings
We have a selection of keyrings that are just for fun and make ideal gifts.

Novelty Keyrings

Premium Keyrings

Premium Quality Keyrings / keychains
These keyrings make great gifts, whatever the occasion!

Premium Keyrings

Rugby ball keyring

Sports Keyrings / keychains
Great if you like playing (or even watching!) sport

Premium Keyrings

Clothes Keyrings

Clothes Keyrings / keychains
Miniature clothes keyrings, just like the real thing but much smaller!

Clothes Keyrings

Keyring clip

Keyring Accessories
A wide selection of clips for attaching or detaching your keys quickly & easily.

Clips & Clasps

Mini calculator keyring

Gadget Keyrings
For the individual who never has enough gadgets, we have a great selection of gadget keyrings!


Personal alarm keyring (black)

Torch Keyrings
These quality torch flashlight keyrings include novelty and metal-finish LED torches, all with long battery life.

Torch Keyring

Haynes Mini Keyring

Motoring Keyrings / keychains
Car, motorbike, 4x4, automobile inspired keyrings

Motoring Keyrings

MG Keyring Licensed Car Keyrings
Officially Licensed Car Keyrings
Car Keyrings - More Info
Personal alarm keyring (black)

Personal Alarm Keyrings
These quality keyrings are ideal for anyone who walks, runs or cylces alone and all with an ear-piercing 130dB siren (louder than most car and house alarms).

Personal Alarm Keyring

We have a Keyringalarms site dedicated to our personal alarms with more information.
All the personal alarms we sell have been tested by "Sold Secure".

Wooden Keyring

Wooden Keyrings / keychains
All sorts of cute animal shaped wooden keyrings

Animal Keyrings

The Simpsons Keyring

Music & Movies keyrings / keychains
From Elvis to the Wizard of Oz!

Music & Movies Keyrings


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