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The Keyring Store

Huge selection of personalised keyrings, novelty keyrings, premium quality keyrings and promotional keyrings




Welcome to The Keyring Store

Novelty Keyrings

We are one of the worlds largest suppliers and retailers of novelty keyrings. We offer well over 1000 lines of keyrings and many hundreds of novelty keyrings in our range. Novelty keyrings range from miniatures (novelty keyring products in a fully-functional format) as well as novelty toy keyrings.


Custom Keyrings & Promotional Keyrings

With our own in-house design studio we specialise in fully-custom keyrings made to your specifications and will help develop your product, whether you're a tourist attraction and require products for your gift shop or whether you're looking for products to promote your business. Visit Keyring Promotions for more information.


Are you a Geocacher?

Many of our novelty keyrings are ideal for geocaching, a 21st century version of a treasure hunt! Geocachers can get great delivery rates in and out of the UK. Contact us for more info


Are you a Registered Charity or community organisation? We will always support offically registered charities and community projects.

Proof of charitable status will be required. Once your status has been verified we'll offer a discount on products ordered in bulk above our already great discounts! Only applies where one type of product is purchased in bulk and a minimum order of £100...


Keyring Store News

The Keyring Store supported the Channel 5 TV programme, Celebrity Wishlist by donating 500 keyrings for a charity event. See how we can support your charity -discounts available.


Custom and Bulk Orders

If you wish to purchase keyrings in large quantities for a special event, please contact us. Many of our keyrings are available in bulk and some can be personalised with your business or organisation details.




Accessories | Belt clip keyrings for attaching keys to your belt strap or bag. Great range of belt clips!
Novelty Keyrings | We offer a huge range of novelty keyrings!
Gadget Keyrings | Includes picture frames, calculators, remote controls and many others!
Union Jack Keyrings | Large range of keyings and Union Jack Trolley Coin Keyrings which are great gifts for British themed events
Lego Keyrings | Lego character keyrings including Darth Vader & C3P0 from the Lego Star Wars Movie!
Disco Ball Keyrings | Disco Ball Keyrings are ideal as a promotional keyring gift or if you want a mini disco! Also available in bulk
Sports Keyrings | Including rugby keyrings, tennis keyrings, basketball keyrings, golf ball keyrings, crickey keyrings
Offically licensed TV & Music keyrings | Keyrings from your favourite TV, film and music
Clothes Keyrings | Clothes Keyrings, Shoe Keyrings
Food Keyrings | Large range of keyings including fruit, pizza, ice cream and dougnut keyrings
Games Keyrings | Miniature Games keyrings including Twister, Connect Four and Operation!




Keyring Store


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Keyring Store in the UK

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Keyring Store
61-63 St Peter's Street
Bedford, MK40 2PR
United Kingdom